So you are thinking of getting a point of sales system and one of the most important questions is «How long will it take to get a return on my investment?»
For clients who use AlfaRichi EPOS solution return on investment is taking from 3 months to one year. You can influence on the speed of returns and we want to draw your attention to 3 important steps.

  1. Put in the EPOS system.
    The first returns come from simply implementing the EPOS system. There are no more errors from staff entering the incorrect prices and you will see immediately a small increase in takings for the same amount of products.
    You also get returns from the reduced admin and support costs because you have your VAT figures directly from the system for all shops together and can see sales figures immediately without having to get sheets back from shops and add things manually.
  2. Shop staff meeting.
    You will explain to your staff that you can now see everything they are selling and all other operations like cancels and voids and stock levels. If there are staff stealing then it is likely they will stop because they know they can be found out, and if there are staff not really trying hard to sell they may start selling more because they know that you can see how much each staff member is selling.
  3. Using the sales data to optimize your business.
  4. This step requires taking the necessary management time to study reports produced by the EPOS software and implementing changes based on what you see.

    • Staff operation report and sales by half hour will give you information about staff work and enable you to have staff on duty only when needed, and to deal with those staff that are not selling very much.
    • Waste and sell out times report and stock reports can help you understand how much products you should produce or order each day. You will be able to increase sales and reduce waste.
    • Promotion features and reports help you to make a decision about future actions. Before implementing a promotion you can look at linked sales such as hot drinks sold with cakes and decide if you will make or loose money by starting a promotion on these items when bought together
    • Gross margin reports that include waste in the calculations will show which products are generate the most profit and you can remove unprofitable product lines

An additional step is if you do ordering to head office/production from the tills and have overs/shorts, shop damage, waste, stock etc declared on the tills. If you do this you will save a lot of administrative time and potential for errors.

How long will it really take?

3 to 12 months is realistic and we can provide you examples of this and also give you a free indication of what you can expect for your specific business.
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Let us help you to make real changes in your business so you see your profit grow and your administrative headaches removed.