Consider an EPOS supplier to be partner for your business and not just a reseller.

Make sure that the EPOS software is recent and you can get regular updates, and if you need some additional functionality that the EPOS producer is able to add it in the software.
Make sure that supplier is easy to get hold of and that he is really able to help you to solve problems

Make sure that EPOS system will work for your business needs.

Choose a system which was designed for your type of business rather than just adapted by a reseller.
Keep in mind the list of what you want to achieve with your EPOS system (such as reduce stock holding, speed up customer transactions, manage returns efficiently) and make sure that system can do it.
Explain your needs and features to different supplier and ask them to demonstrate how their EPOS system will work for your business.

Keep this in mind when choosing software:

1) Choose Web-based «cloud» software as an opposed to in-house back office as it has many advantages:

  • you do not need to spend time, effort and resources to maintain server
  • your data will be automatically backed-up on a daily bases
  • you have access to your sales and inventory data 24/7 regardless of if you are at home, at work, or on vacation.
  • sale information is available for you to analyse on secure online website. 
  • epos company in most cases are providing automatic software upgrades and new versions to that you always have up-to-date software.

Before taking software on the board though, make sure that software on the tills in the shop is working (and working fast) even if internet goes down in the shop.
This means that if the internet connection goes down in the shop, you can continue to serve your customers. The sales will be saved locally on the till and automatically sent to the server when connection is restored.

2) Check how quickly you feel comfortable with the software. If you need a manual to understand it, better leave it. Software for tills should be even more intuitive then online software and staff members should be familiar with it 20 minutes after starting to use.

About EPOS Hardware

  • Make sure that your supplier can provide all needed EPOS hardware including
  • Touch tills, staff tag readers, printers, bar code scanners, links to credit card readers
  • Make sure the supplier guarantees software compatibility with everything
  • Make sure the supplier can support everything you have

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