Software order calculation

Please complete the following to subscribe to AlfaRichi Software as a Service
Enter number of shops or restaurants
The software for each shop includes AlfaLine Cloud management access and AlfaPoint
on one tablet, terminal or smartphone.

For more than 10 shops you will receive a personalised quote.
Number of terminals in each shop/restaurant
Enter the total number of terminals in each shop/restaurant.
The cost of first terminal in each shop is included in the shop price and you only pay for additional ones.
Change software version and choose setup and phone support options on the next steps.
Choose Software Version
You can change software version at any time.
Choose Payment Option
Save 10% with annual payment.

Choose setup and phone support options on the next step.
Optional data setup and remote training/setup assistance

Additional hours of data setup or remote training and
help on set up – £60/hour
Optional phone support to shop managers and head office staff, including support on hardware sold by AlfaRichi
AlfaRichi software as a service includes support via the AlfaRichi internet support portal.

Packages of 15 minutes phone support at £15 each
I confirm that after this time has been used, I will pay for additional time used at the end of each month (£15 for each 15 minutes)

Phone support time does not expire, and time is only counted once you are put through to a support engineer.
To confirm your order, please fill in your contact information.
You will receive a summary of your order by email and we will contact you to take the first payment.

Total cost

Number of shops
Additional tills
Software version
Payment period
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  • additional hours of data setup or remote training – £60/hour
  • packages of 15 minutes phone support – £

Excluding UK VAT

Monthly payments:
x 12 months = £

Phone support:
packages – £Not chosen yet

Setup options, one off charge: