EPoS Hardware

AlfaRichi software works on Android, Windows and Linux.

Android Tablets

android_tabletsAlfaRichi software works on all Android Tablets including the popular Samsung Galaxy tabs and Motorola XOOM tablets.

For a fixed sales point we recommend 10.1″ tablets attached with the robust stands that we can supply.

The tablets communicate using WIFI and can connect with either network or Bluetooth receipt printers.
Cash drawers can be connected to the network printers. Please contact us for details about hardware compatibility.

For mobile sales, either 10.1″ or smaller size tablets can be used.

For taking orders at tables, 5″ or 6″ tablets are a good solution, as well as using Android smart phones.

Android tablets can also be used as customer diplays which show the full sales receipt during a transaction
and promotional material (video or side show) when there is no sales in progress.

Android Smart Phones

4″ or larger smart phones are ideal for taking table orders
in restaurants or for recording sales and payments for mobile deliveries.

Windows Touch Terminals

windows-touch-terminalsAlfaRichi software works on most Windows EPOS touch terminals including

If you already have one or more Windows touch terminals, then contact us about installing AlfaRichi EPOS software.

You can combine on the same site Windows Touch Terminals, Android tablets and Android smart phones, and all communicate with the same Cloud back office.

Linux Touch Terminals

AlfaRichi software works on selected touch terminals from J2 and other suppliers.

The most popular touch terminal supplied with Linux and AlfaRichi EPOS software is the J2-615 which is robust and reliable terminal.

EPOS Printers

epos-printersAlfaRichi software works with most STAR network and usb printers as well as with most serial receipt printers that use EPSON ESC/POS protocol.

For mobile applications, AlfaRichi software works with DATECS and some other Bluetooth receipt printers. Please contact us for details about hardware compatibility.

For Android, either Network or Bluetooth printers should be used.

BAR Code readers

readerOn touch terminals, most USB or serial link bar codes readers can be used.

With Android tablets, we recommend Opticon USB bar code readers.



AlfaRichi EPOS software on Windows or Linux communicates with CAS PD2 scales.

Payment card readers

cardreaderFor terminals with a serial link, AlfaRichi software communicates with selected INGENICO card readers.

For Android tablets, links with Bluetooth card payment readers are planned. Please contact AlfaRichi for more details.


If I already have hardware?

If you already have an Android tablet or Smart phone you can subscribe to AlfaRichi software, download it and start using it. If you have a Windows Touch terminal, then contact us to get the Windows version.