Restaurant EPoS

The only complete EPOS software for tablets
Take orders at table.
Guided menus speed up service.
Print to kitchens and bars.
Table plans.

AlfaRichi Software also runs on PC-based touch terminals (Windows and Linux).


Restaurant EPOS

An ideal point of sale solution for restaurants where you can combine touch terminals, Android tablets and Smartphones. Using AlfaRichi Android EPOS on a Smartphone or a tablet you can take orders at a table, then print directly to kitchen and bar printers.

With the EPOS Cloud back office, you can easily set up products and menus and look at all the reports from the summarized management reports that show you overall sales, down to the detailed reports on staff, individual product sales, and much more.

AlfaRichi EPOS includes complete restaurant stock control with includes management of ingredients, drinks, wastage, and much more.

Restaurant EPOS solution ideal for single restaurants and for multiples. Contains all the features needed in EPOS for fine dining.

Hardware for Restaurant EPOS

  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Touch tills

If I already have hardware?

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