EPOS software for your area



Ideal Restaurant EPOS

An ideal point of sale solution for restaurants where you can combine touch terminals, Android tablets and Smartphones. Using AlfaRichi Android EPOS on a Smartphone or a tablet you can take orders at a table, then print directly to kitchen and bar printers.

With the EPOS Cloud back office, you can easily set up products and menus and look at all the reports from the summarized management reports that show you overall sales, down to the detailed reports on staff, individual product sales, and much more.

AlfaRichi EPOS includes complete restaurant stock control with includes management of ingredients, drinks, wastage, and much more.

Restaurant EPOS solution ideal for single restaurants and for multiples. Contains all the features needed in EPOS for fine dining.

  • Take orders at table
  • Guided menus speed up service
  • Print to kitchens and bars
  • Table plans


Fast and easy ANDROID EPOS for bars and pubs

A fast and easy to use point of sale solution for bars, pubs, and night clubs. Android tablets have a modern and elegant look in any bar, pub or night club, and are inexpensive and simple to install and use. No large outlay for software when using AlfaRichi software as a service with monthly payments.

AlfaRichi provide an ideal fully featured EPOS solution for bars and pubs, that is used both by single pubs and companies with many sites.

  • Fast and intuitive sales process means customers are served quicker
  • Manage bar tabs
  • Reconcile sales and stock including liquid quantities
  • Happy hours and price shifts easy to implement



AlfaRichi point of sale enables you to deal fast with queues of people in take away and fast food outlets. Android tablet EPOS is ideal for fast food and pizza shops because it takes little space, is simple to use and inexpensive.. AlfaRichi ecommerce enables you to sell fast food and pizzas on line on your web site and can be set up in less than one hour. Manage everything with the EPOS Cloud back office. Add EPOS to additional shops and fast food franchises and control from one place.

  • Fast sales process with guided menus and promotions
  • Customer accounts and loyalty programs give customers a personal service
  • Customers can order fast food on line
  • Features for franchises


Excellent Point of Sale solution for wine and spirits shop

AlfaRichi point of sale is excellent for off licence and wine and spirit shops. Using AlfaRichi Android tablet EPOS in a wine and spirit shop you can move around and explain details of each fine wine and even show pictures. .Sell the same wines and spirits on your web site with the AlfaRichi ecommerce option.

  • Customers can order on line from stock base in store
  • Store complete product information to help sales people
  • Customer loyalty lets you see customers ‘favourite’ products. Allows for targeted promotions.


Easy café and coffee shops management with AlfaRichi EPOS

AlfaRichi point of sale is used in many café and coffee shops. Users like the easy management of eat in and take away as well as the ease of setting up menus and promotions that are needed for café and coffee shop EPOS.

AlfaRichi Cloud back office is ideal for product data setup and seeing real time sales and stock reports.
You can even manage product ingredients, customer samples, food wastage and other café and coffee shop stock movements with AlfaRichi software.

  • Menus, meal deals and promotions
  • Eat in and take away price options
  • Track ingredient use to ensure adequate stock levels
  • Customer loyalty



Simple EPoS and stock control for bakery

AlfaRichi point of sale is used in both large and small bakeries including many well known UK names. There are EPOS software features for bakery stock control, waste management, bakery wholesale management, ordering from shops to head office and suppliers.

AlfaRichi Cloud back office is ideal for product data setup and seeing real time sales, stock and management reports.

Users like the easy management of eat in and take away as well as the ease of setting up menus and promotions that are needed for bakery EPOS.

  • Know what to produce to keep shelves stocked
  • Track and reduce waste
  • Know what to bake and make for each hour in the day


AlfaRichi Android EPOS software links with bar code readers and scales that are needed in DELIs, Butchers, Fruit and Vegetable Shops, Sweet shops and other shops selling products by weight. Tablet EPOS gives a modern look to a Deli or food shop. AlfaRichi Tablet EPOS software is ideal for mobile and market sales as well as for stands in shopping malls.

  • Integrate scales and barcode scanning
  • Create product descriptions for salespeople
  • Easy to manage stock control and reordering from suppliers


AlfaRichi EPOS software is an ideal solution for visitor attractions, theme parks, and events.
Combine EPOS touch terminals with Android tablets for sales of entry tickets, food, drink, gifts, entry tickets. Set up multiple EPOS sales points in a short time, including temporary EPOS for exhibitions and events.

  • Make fast sales from multiple sales points with appropriate screen setup on each terminal
  • Tickets, food, drink, gifts shop and on line sales with one software solution
  • Track ingredient use to ensure adequate stock levels
  • Sales analysis down to each day and half hour period


AlfaRichi EPOS software is good for sports shops, bicycle shops, and health drug stores.
Using AlfaRichi Android tablet EPOS in a sports or bicycle shop you can move around and explain details of each product and even show pictures. .Sell the same products on your web site with the AlfaRichi e-Commerce option. Manage product and sales data in when you want with AlfaRichi Cloud back office.

  • Store complete product information to help sales people
  • Locate stock across multiple stores
  • Ordering to suppliers based on sales, stock and customer orders


AlfaRichi EPOS software is used by hair and beauty salons.

Android tablet EPOS gives a clean modern look in a hair or beauty salon. You get much more than a basic cash register for a small initial outlay for the EPOS tablet hardware and then a monthly subscription to the AlfaRichi EPOS software as a service.

There is a Loyalty scheme ideal for hairdressers and beauty salons and in the AlfaRichi Cloud back office you can see individual customers purchase history.

  • Promote additional products and services with post-purchase product suggestions
  • Easy stock management
  • See sales by staff and time periods. Optimise staffing levels for time of day
  • Customer accounts allow for tailored marketing programs


AlfaRichi EPOS software on Android Tablets is used by many mobile sales companies in the UK including mobile coffee sales vans, sandwich vans, ice cream vans, and bakery vans. AlfaRichi tablet EPOS enables you to sell fast at each mobile stop and gain money through better product sales and cash control.

See mobile sales in real time on the Cloud back office if you use 3G tablets or smartphones, or see data when each van gets back to base and tablet is connected to WIFI.

AlfaRichi EPOS software as a service on Android Tablets and Smartphones is also ideal for market stalls and stands in shopping malls (known as RMU — Retail Merchandising Unit).

  • Work just as efficiently when no internet connection is present
  • Accurate tracking of cash and card sales
  • Works with mobile Bluetooth printers




AlfaRichi EPOS software includes a module to manage wholesale orders and is ideal for bakeries and food manufactures that have both retail shops and wholesale operations. You can enter wholesale orders yourself directly on the AlfaRichi cloud back office or give each wholesale customer individual access to enter their own orders. Also adapted for any company with both retail and wholesale operations.

  • Fast entry of wholesale orders
  • Manage invoice plans for each customer
  • Produce individual and consolidated delivery lists


AlfaRichi EPOS software is ideal for Franchises and for Franchisees. With the Cloud back office the Franchise owner can set products and prices and then give individual access to each Franchisee who only see their own sales data. The Franchise owner can see detailed and consolidated sales data for all sites. Fast and inexpensive EPOS Franchise solution to deploy with no initial software purchase but monthly software as a service costs only. EPOS solution used by Franchises with operations in the UK and other countries.

  • Real time control of all Franchise sites
  • Easy to use and fast to start with minimal training
  • Fast to add additional terminals and sites