About AlfaRichi

AlfaRichi is a UK registered company, started in 2008 with a vision of providing a modern, complete and easy to use point of sale software for hospitality and retail.

Prior to this, most EPOS software was based on old technologies, and which required each customer to maintain an IT infrastructure in their offices.

The Directors of AlfaRichi have extensive experience in the electronic point of sale software industry and the software development team are experts in use of up to date technologies including state of the art internet and database techniques..

AlfaRichi were the first company to have as standard a CLOUD back office enabling setup and access to sales and stock data from anywhere without having to have shop and head office servers.

We were also the first to see the emergence of tablets as the new EPOS hardware platform and we have complete EPOS software running on Android tablets and smartphones as well as standard Windows and Linux touch terminals..

AlfaRichi ideas have been copied by others but never surpassed.

AlfaRichi office is in Birmingham in central England and we have dedicated servers in secure UK server parks.

Our software is primarily sold through a network of trained and qualified resellers in the UK, Ireland and other countries.

Our slogan is «together into the future» and with us you will be sure of being always at the front with EPOS software and be able to benefit from the best that technology can give, and provided by a stable and experienced company.


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