The only complete EPOS software for tablets
Together into the future!

AlfaRichi Software also runs on PC-based touch terminals (Windows and Linux)

Elegant and modern

Give a modern look to your shop or restaurant with a tablet POS that takes little space and costs a lot less than a traditional POS terminal.

Powerful and friendly

No compromise on features with AlfaRichi EPOS software yes intuitive and easy to use.

Speeds up the service

Take orders at restaurant tables or use for queue busting.
Ideal also for markets, mall stands and mobile sales.

Mix & Match

Front end works on Android, Windows and Linux.
Cloud back office works on Android, Apple, Windows and Linux.

Available in English and French, with £, $ and €.


  • Easy to use interface for sales, table orders and stock management.
  • Works when there is no internet connection, all data is stored on the tablet.
    When there is an internet connection, data is synchronised in real time with the Cloud back office.
  • All devices on one site communicate together via local network — start a sale on one device and complete it on another, take a table order on one device and it is immediately available to see on all other devices.
  • Interfaces with receipt printers, kitchen/bar printers, bar code readers, scales, cash drawers and card payment devices.

AlfaLine cloud back office makes your life easier

Accessible online from any laptop or tablet (Windows, Mac OS, Android) using a web browser.

  • Easy to setup products, prices and sales screen layouts
  • Centralised management of multiple stores
  • Real time sales and stock reports
  • Multiple other reports including staff summaries and management reports
  • Setup promotions, discounts, and guided menus
  • All data is stored on secure servers with regular backups
  • Integration with AlfaRichi e-Commerce and customer loyalty modules

Customer accounts and loyalty schemes

What benefits does it give to my customers?

  • Customer’s card works across all your shops
  • Earn points on every spent
  • Last purchase history for each customer is available in every shop
  • Favourite purchased Items history available
  • Possible to transfer money to account and see history on account in the shop

My benefits?

  • Easy to give personal attention to each customer
  • Knowing your customers will make your marketing strategies efficient
  • Attract additional customers who do not carry cash (children)


  • Have your on-line shop up and running within a few minutes
  • Use the same cloud back office for on-line and high street shops
  • Be notified by e-mail/SMS each time customer buys goods on your web site.
  • Set up menus for takeaway food and make additional choices appear on the screen when first item have been chosen (such as build your Pizza first and then choose drinks)
  • Ideal for both product and food sales.